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MOTHER NATURE'S OWN SKIN NOURISHMENT, SOURCED IN AFRICA - 100% Pure Natural Shea Butter Skincare Products for Dry Skin


Discover the awesome power of pure shea butter for intense hydration and soft, supple skin. Dry sensitive skin is a common skin problem but it can be managed with the right natural skincare routine. All of the products in the Aviela skincare range have one thing in common – 100% pure shea butter as the main ingredient. No silicones, no parabens, no petroleum, no mineral oil, no artificial colours, sis free  – just 100% pure natural raw shea butter and selected healing oils that melt into your skin. Read more.

Aviela is about making skin care products using high concentration of unrefined Shea butter, blended with other natural oils to offer optimal benefit to the skin.  We always start each product formulation with unrefined Shea butter and select other oils that synergise and augment the moisturising, nourishing and softening properties of Shea butter to make amazing products for your daily skin needs. Shop now.

Shea Butter Benefits for Dry Skin

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