Top 5 tips to prevent eczema

21 Apr, 2017


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Top 5 tips to prevent eczema Do you get flare ups of itchy, flakey and irritable skin from eczema? You’d do ANYTHING to calm it down wouldn’t you and prevent the rashes from ever making an appearance on your skin again? Well……. We’re here to tell you there are certain things that could help you … Read more

How to Protect Your Skin This Winter

31 Oct, 2016


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There’s definitely something invigorating about winter, feeling the cold against your skin when you step outside, bright sunny days where you can still see your breath as you walk.  And while winter is a great time for many things, it isn’t the best time of year for your skin.  This means that you need to … Read more

How to Look After Sensitive Skin

29 Sep, 2016


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How to Look After Sensitive Skin Living with sensitive skin can be hard work, especially on the face and neck areas.  Touch it with anything different and you can often end up with sore, blotchy or red skin, sometimes even a rash or full-on breakout.  Choosing new products and trying something different can be a … Read more

How to Treat Dry Skin

25 Aug, 2016


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How to Treat Dry Skin Suffering from dry skin can often feel like a huge burden, not only can it be hugely unpleasant it may at times be unsightly. In severe cases, people with dry skin may notice their skin start to scale or crack, which can be very uncomfortable. Because each person’s skin type … Read more

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