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Self-Care Inspiration From Our Friends At Aery Living

What comes to mind in February?  Valentine’s Day and romantic gifts or maybe Galantine’s Day?  Whatever you think of, February is the perfect month to give yourself some love.


Whether it’s discovering your healthiest, most beautiful skin or transforming your home into a relaxing oasis, taking time for yourself is important.  We know life can get busy but making that time for yourself is essential to help you feel restored, rejuvenated and in control.


We’ve been working with our friends at Aery Living to promote self-care.  With shared values including natural ingredients, sustainable products and recyclable packaging whilst delivering that feel-good factor, our brands are a natural fit.   


To help you practice some self-love this month, our friends at Aery Living have shared their favourite tips…


"Catching up with friends for a good long walk followed by some tasty food and a bath is the perfect weekend for me! I know it’s a classic, but I love a good bath. Put on a favourite podcast, pour in the bubbles and just sit back and relax. Then I like to wrap up in my favourite pyjamas and blanket and read a good" book!"



“Environment is a really important part of relaxation for me. Making sure my house is clean and calm, candles of course, playlists, and a treat cocktail if it’s a Friday. I love a facemask and make sure I limit my phone time in the mornings and evenings before bed. Self-care for me is also giving myself time to do what I love, even if I’m not in the mood. Pushing myself whether it’s the gym or Sunday cold water swims with my friend. It’s very important to me and definitely contributes to my wellbeing."

-  Sarah 

 Image of a cocktail with a slice of lemon and spring of rosemary on a table in the sunshine

 “I’m a sucker for skin care and trying new brands! I love giving new beauty trends a go to treat myself, whether that’s a serum, face mask or hair mask! I also love soaking my feet in the evening with a glass of wine whilst dinner is on. I always feel better too in the evenings when I’ve had a run or been to the gym and can fully relax after a busy day.”



"I love taking the time to really switch off and have a good pamper session. This usually involves getting cosied up in my PJs with a relaxing face mask or foot mask. Sounds silly but painting my nails and toenails fun colours really cheers me up! I also love turning off my phone for a few hours and watching a good movie (usually something that doesn’t require too much thought!) with a yummy snack and having a proper movie night."


  Image of brightly coloured painted finger nails

 We hope these help to inspire you to take some time to relax.  If you have your own favourite self-care rituals that never fail to help you switch off and unwind then let us know! 


Thank you to the Aery Living team! 

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