5 Things About Skincare Your Mother Wants You To Know

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Mother's Day is fast approaching on 11th March 2018 so we thought we’d investigate some age-old skincare tips given by our follower's mums. We asked you for “the best natural skin care tips your mum ever gave” you on social media...

Mums are great, aren’t they? They look after you when you're ill and generally make you feel like you're the most amazing person in the world. But also because when it comes to beauty, they've been there, done that and learnt from it, meaning they've got a whole lot of tips we can learn from. According to a new survey, 64 percent of daughters would trust their mum’s advice over anyone else when it comes to beauty. Here are the top five skin care tips as recommended by our follower's mums!

#1 Don’t wear too much makeup

natural make up

If your mum talks about being ‘au natural’, she could have a point. If you want to look effortlessly natural and elegant take a 'less is more' approach when it comes to makeup. Many women shy away from wearing a full face of makeup every day but it's not necessarily as harmful as you might think as it offers a much-needed barrier against harmful UV rays. Makeup doesn’t normally have any major damaging effects but it depends on your skin type and the ingredients used in some skin care products. Take a little break from makeup if you've been having any issues with breakouts or irritation to investigate what is causing the adverse reaction.

The jury is out on whether makeup is bad for your skin, but safe to say it may be more about taking it off properly than slapping it on! If you are using a good cleanser at the end of the day and removing it, there will be no harm done to your skin. It's a good idea to pay attention to what ingredients are in your favourite makeup products just in case you have an allergy to certain chemicals.

#2 Remember to take your makeup off every night

wake up refreshed

Whatever type of makeup you use, if you don’t remove it all before you go to bed, it can cause infection and breakouts. No matter how tired you are, it’s always a good idea to cleanse and moisturise your face before bedtime. Getting into a ‘self-nurturing’ skincare routine is one of the best ways to practice self-care. There is nothing more loving than to wash away the day's troubles and grime and then nourish your skin with your favourite moisturiser. Having a daily skincare ritual also helps you wind down from the day. Add a few drops of lavender to your pillow and a 10-minute meditation will help you go to sleep easily and wake up refreshed and ready for a brand new day.

#3 Use natural ingredients

Aviela skincare collection

Chemicals found in many skincare products can create a range of adverse reactions that undermine your daily beauty regimen and may damage your skin. What you're putting your face on it goes into your bloodstream - quite literally! It goes without question natural ingredients Aviela natural skincare products are sourced from traditional ingredients local to African plains and have been used for generations to heal, soothe, nourish and protect skin. Shea butter, cacao seed butter, avocado oil all have anti-inflammatory properties so they are perfect for dry skin.

We believe it ’s better to work with, rather than against, Mother Nature. Our skin care range is filled with natural, rich, and luxurious products that are simple to use but ideal to protect the skin.  Ingredients like Shea butter, black soap, coconut oil, baobab oil, cocoa butter, and so many more, have been accredited to keeping skin smooth and supple.

Worried about what you are putting on your skin? Be sure to check out the EWG’s Skin Deep Database to research toxic chemicals that could be in your cosmetic and personal care products. Also, see Leading naturopathic doctor Trevor Cate’s list of the potentially harmful ingredients that are commonly found in beauty and cosmetic products.  

#4 Reduce your puffy eyes with cucumber slices

cucumber on eyes

credit : https://blackdoctor.org

The best beauty advice for your eyes according to tradition (or old wives tales) is to apply cucumber slices direct to the eyes… and relax. The claim is that cucumber slices relieve swollen, puffy eyes. The truth is that cucumbers reduce puffiness because they’re cold and moist so they hydrate your skin. The coolness of cucumber slices also acts as a vasoconstrictor, slowing blood flow. That being said, they do really work and are readily available in the fridge! Read more about why cucumbers are beneficial for your eyes from Allure magazine.

#5 Give yourself a DIY facial

steaming your face

Another beauty tip recommended by followers mums is to give yourself a DIY facial. It’s as easy as boiling a kettle and steaming your face over a bowel with a towel over your head. Don’t make the water too hot though, you’ll want it hot enough so you can feel steam rising, but not so hot that it could burn.

First cleanse, then steam and finally give yourself a facial massage.  Cleansing removes dirt, excess oil and grime from your skin so that any products you use will be more effective. Steaming opens your pores, allowing cleansing ingredients to remove impurities that regular cleansing can’t reach. Facial massage is very relaxing, it promotes skin elasticity and can kick start the natural detoxifying process.

Mother's Day is fast approaching on 11th March 2018. Show your mum just how much you appreciate everything she does with our range of natural skincare products she'll absolutely adore.

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