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The beauty industry is a very dynamic industry worth billions of dollars. Unfortunately, millions of women continue using beauty products that contain toxic chemicals (with almost zero regulation) in a bid to have a smooth, soft skin. Using the wrong skincare products on your face for a long period is very dangerous for your general health, especially if you have a sensitive skin or pre-existing health conditions.

We may spend a lot of time and money using the wrong beauty products unknowingly or due to lack of stringent regulations regarding the production and use of some of these products. Furthermore, there are numerous fake manufacturers of beauty products in the beauty industry, who keep churning imitations of the original brands of popular safe beauty products. Sometimes the replicas (with suspicious synthetic ingredients) are so identical to their original versions to an extent that some consumers find it almost impossible to tell the difference.

Startling statistics from a survey conducted by Harley Street beauty clinic Specialist Make-up Services revealed that women spend a whopping 474 days in their lifetime applying makeup. It is unfortunate to reckon that such a huge number of women spend a lot of time applying the wrong lotions and beauty potions of all kinds on their faces relentlessly. It is prudent for every elegant lady to be careful by conducting some background research about the beauty products that she uses to avoid future repercussions.

Mother-nature friendly skincare products

For starters, you can scour the internet extensively to read various beauty product reviews and consult with professional beauticians or aestheticians before you use any skin care product on your skin. Moreover, you need to know your skin type because every legitimate skincare product is designed for either all skin types or a particular skin type. When it comes to skincare products there is no-size-fits-all.

Avoid all the expensive, invasive surgical procedures and toxic skin care ingredients found in most of the beauty products you pick off the shelves. Natural skincare products are not only DIY regimens, but also cheaper and safer alternatives. In fact, to be on the safe side, you should try to stick to natural skincare products that are not harmful to the skin. Here are 7 natural skin care tips to guide you on your journey of using mother-nature friendly skincare products for a beautiful skin.

1.Chilled tea bags

You can eliminate the puffy tired eyes by using the readily available tea bags in your kitchen. Steep a few tea bags of chamomile, black or green tea into a cup of hot water for about two minutes. Then remove the tea bags and chill them briefly in a bowl in a refrigerator. When chilled enough, place 1 tea bag over each closed eyelid for about 10 to 15 minutes.

2. Raspberries and coconut oil

These are natural ways of brightening your lips. Warm a little coconut oil on very low heat until it liquefies in a small saucepan. Remove from the heat and add 5 fresh raspberries. Mash the mixture and blend it until it becomes smooth. Place the mixture in a container and let it refrigerate until it becomes firm. Once firm, use your clean fingers to smooth your lips. Do this regularly until your lips become smooth, soft and bright.

3. Simple yoga poses

Yoga poses are good for improving your blood circulation. Hence, instead of rushing to the washrooms for a quick makeup before an interview or taking pictures, consider doing a few inverted postures. The Yoga postures will give your face an extra lift and some level of vitality that you need, especially when you feel on edge or anxious. Develop a habit of performing the “downward dog” yoga pose; get on the floor or on a flat surface with your hands and knees and then straighten your legs. Alternatively, you can bend forward and try to reach towards your toes.

Regardless of the pose that works best for you, you should try to stay in that position for as long as you can, preferably six minutes. However, if you have any existing injuries or health conditions you can discuss with your healthcare provider on how to modify the postures. You will be surprised how your skin will glow after doing a few yoga postures.

4. Natural under eye cream

The area under the eye works so hard because of constant blinking. Furthermore, the area is so fragile, and thus requires extra care with friendly natural products. Malic acid found in apple juice is a mild exfoliator that is very effective in helping the area under your eyes recover quickly. It works by sloughing off dead skin. Your eyes create the first impression. Therefore, you need to make sure they are always looking good. You need to read the ingredients of the beauty products that you use on your face, especially the eye area and carefully compare them with empty promises you see on advertisements.

5. Pomegranate, Raspberry, and Sweet Almond Oil blend

Use these ingredients in creating a natural antioxidant-rich oil blend for hydrating your skin and adding a glow to your skin. For best results, you should include the natural antioxidant in your regular skincare routine. You can either apply the natural antioxidant blend after cleansing or after you put on a makeup. You can make the blend at your home by mixing equal parts of the ingredients or buy an already made product from an online store. You should press the oil mixture into the dry areas of your face, which have fine lines by using your fingertips.

6. Eat wild Salmon

Astaxanthin is a strong antioxidant, which acts as an internal sunblock in protecting the skin from effects of UVA. You can get the antioxidant by eating lots of seafood products such as krill, shrimp, crabs, crayfish, etc. if you can get access to these foods, you can also buy supplements that contain astaxanthin. It's recommended that you take several servings per week, especially during the hot months of the year. However, you need to protect the outside part of the skin using a sun protector.

You should also eat oatmeal to moisturize and calm the skin. Bananas are also great for removing the dead skin and re-energizing your skin complexion because they contain vitamins C, A, B12, potassium, and magnesium.

7. Coconut water

Drink a glass of unsweetened coconut water every morning to hydrate your skin. During the day you can, however, drink filtered water. During meal time, you can use skin-hydrating foods like avocado, and olives to make sure that your skin is constantly hydrated.

Besides eating healthy foods and using natural ingredients in rejuvenating your face, you should also clean your face thoroughly before bedtime. You can achieve great results within a few weeks if you toss the chemical-rich products in your closet and replace them with natural skincare products and tips for staying beautiful.



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