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Why Unrefined Shea Butter

Aviela is a natural skincare range using ethically sourced, 100% PURE, highest grade, UNREFINED Shea Butter as the hero ingredient. By only using the highest grade, unrefined hero ingredients, we retain the beneficial properties of these ingredients as the valuable minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids have not been compromised through any refining process.

Transforming skin through the raw power of nature, Transforming lives by supporting the communities that craft our hero ingredients

From raw, unrefined, key ingredients which help give our products the efficacy to transform the skin; to delicate, light and airy textures; each product has been carefully crafted to deliver absolute pleasure. At the heart of all of our products is our hero ingredient, highest grade, unrefined Shea Butter, which we ethically source directly from the fields of Northern Ghana from a Women’s Cooperative that is very close to our heart.


Aviela is a very dynamic word used by the Dagara people from the Northern part of Ghana (where Patricia comes from). It generally has a positive connotation to mean something ‘Good’ or ‘Nice’ or ‘Beautiful’.

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