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About Aviela

Aviela is about making natural skincare products using high concentration of unrefined Shea butter, blended with other natural oils to offer optimal benefit to the skin.  We always start each product formulation with unrefined Shea butter and select other oils that synergises and augment the moisturising, nourishing and softening properties of Shea butter to make amazing products for your daily skin care needs.

About Shea Butter

shea butter

Historically, Shea butter has been used in Africa to protect the skin especially that of a newly born baby as it purity makes it gentle and non-drying to their sensitive skin.

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Our Story

The Aviela StoryAviela started in 2007 after Patricia Monney, the founding director, visited her family back in Ghana along with her husband, Chris and daughter, Charissa.

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Our Principles

The women from Gurugu who make our unrefined Shea butter try their best to produce Grade A Shea butter which has the highest source of vitamin A and E.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that beauty is found in the most simple and natural things. Aviela, a dagaara word from Northern Ghana which means “It’s beautiful”,

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Social Responsibility

Meet the women of Gurugu in the Northern part of Ghana (West Africa) who make our wonderful pure and unrefined Shea butter found in all our products.

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