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Customer orders & advice (+44) 1442 506 266
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Social responsibility

 The Women of Guruguru

Meet the women of Gurugu in the Northern part of Ghana (West Africa) who make our wonderful pure and unrefined Shea butter found in all our products. Most of these women have no formal education, and as such they cannot read or write. This makes them less valuable as employees, with limited employment opportunities. But their dedication, hard work, talent and skills in making our Shea butter is just phenomenal.

When you buy Aviela Shea butter products, know that you are assisting us to provide continuous employment opportunities for these women in addition to a fair income, so that the women of Gurugu can finally live with dignity and invest in their families, communities and the environment.

Enhancing Girls Achievement through Social Work Services in School


EGASS is an initiative in Ghana (West Africa) which focuses on supporting girls to achieve a balanced and sustained experience during secondary school.

The transition to secondary school and boarding can have an impact on young people leaving home for the first time. Once in school, the pressures of academic work, alongside social, civic and religious responsibilities can be hard to navigate. Young people may have a range of needs which, if left unresolved can impact on all aspects of their educational journey. For students to achieve, they require a balance in their emotional, social, physical, spiritual and educational well-being, just what EGASS aims to provide for these girls…

For more information please visit EGASS is supported by Aviela and we will be happy to receive any donations you will like to make to support this Charity. Please send email to